Who is ryan from high school musical dating

Tisdale,31, and Grabeel, 32, have come a long way since those days and were obviously excited to see each other and reminisce. “He's just the best singer out of all of us,” Tisdale gushed of Grabeel. Like, this performance is going to take you straight back to 2006 and give you all the feels. Both Ryans are sick of Sharpay, and each finds a way of their own to rebel against her with the sort-of help of Kelsi Nielson.A sort of AU-ish piece from the POV of the red-headed Sharpette, who is for the sake of this story named Ryan Evans.

In the movie, Ryan dresses stylishly, is musically inclined, wears a different hat with every outfit, and, unlike all the other main characters, has no apparent love interest.

Disappointingly, Ryan still has no love interest, even though all of the other major characters, even the two adults, pair up with opposite sex partners by the show’s end.

Another change Simpatico made to the stage adaptation is that it is Ryan, not Kelsi, who ultimately reveals Sharpay’s evil plot to the protagonists, basically saving the day.


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