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And here we have an actress who tried her best to keep the affair private but couldn’t prolong the privacy after 2014.

An American Television personality, Julissa Bermudez and boyfriend, Maxwell reportedly started dating long ago.

In 1996 she landed a starring role on the UPN sitcom , Norwood became involved with producer Robert Smith.

The two (who claimed to be married, but later admitted that they never were) had a daughter, Sy'rai, born in 2002.

As the NBA drafts younger and younger to dig deeper into the talent pool for tomorrow#s stars, do these blacktop phenoms have the ability to handle it all?

How does an 18-year-old deal with sudden success, and what the are the risks of foregoing an education for a shot at the brass ring?

She shared in an interview with Mashonda the same year saying she and Maxwell are only good friends.

They told that tale in the hopes of keeping her public image pristine.“And, honestly, I tend to abstain if I’m not in a relationship.” So has she been celibate for six years? If you are a music and television “star” (note the quotation marks) and you’re STILL going on “blind” dates, you’re probably not getting any. If you have to SURPRISE someone with Brandy to get her a date, it’s time for Brandy to look in the mirror. And to the best of Mo’Kelly’s knowledge, the alien who didn’t get any Earth tail either while visiting. It is meant to inform, infuse and incite meaningful discourse…as well as entertain. If/when she does, this is what she should see…depending on the time of day. By and large, aliens don’t get a lot of Earth a$$ and history has shown this to be true. (You get the point) Nowhere on ANY human man’s list is… ( Mo’Kelly takes Brandy at her word; she’s not been in a relationship in years. The only exception might be “Anna,” the High Commander of the “Visitors”…she could get it. “Female monster from another planet.” It’s not on Mo’Kelly’s list, it wasn’t on her faux-husband/baby-daddy’s list (hence the break up) and it wasn’t on NBA star Quentin Richardson’s list. Brandy says she hasn’t had sex in years, resorted to blind dates and didn’t have chemistry with a human rapper.