Updating my mio gps

Launch the Mio More Desktop application on your computer, and then connect the Mio Moov 500 to your computer with the USB data cable that shipped with the device. The GPS connects and registers to the Mio More software.

Update the Mio More Desktop software to obtain additional maps and updates.

This is not possible because the disk has a key which prevents it from being copied and put online.

Refer to https://c230.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/battery-replacement-on-the-mio-c-230for instructions. Alternatively, one could ask a verified Expert for step by step details on Mio battery replacement.

First of all, be sure you got the update file for your Mitac Mio 168 (GPS) device, downloaded from Speedcam

If still haven't got it, you can get it now filling the form you see on this page.

The new Mio Spirit range offers a first in GPS technology - we allow you to rent additional maps for a short period of time, for less than it would cost to buy them outright.

That means no more having to dig deep into your pocket to buy an extra maps that you might only use once.