Transas license updating help

When developing the Navi-Planner 4000, Transas worked closely with oil company vetting-inspectors, ship owners and navigation officers.

The result is a tool which makes voyage planning easy for navigators and efficient for ship owners.

“Ato Bvia C distance tables” contains virtually thousands of alternate routes and a set of route calculation rules that can be set on/off by the navigator when setting up the route calculation.

Weather Functionality The Weather Functionality in Navi-Planner is a service to assist the mariner on board in making the best decisions with regards to voyage planning in relation to weather conditions.

Office processes are just as important as those onboard.

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This innovative solution from Transas provides a single access point for all information needed for every step of the navigation process.

If Navi-Planner is not used onboard, the SPOS® program can provide route optimization and weather prediction.

Transas helps you to prepare for the move towards paperless navigation.

If you a printer atteched throuth the dongle, make shore the printer is swithed on.

These files contain the latest corrections for official electronic navigational charts distributed by Transas.