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AFAIK there is no implementation of the C stdlib that makes sure no timing attacks can be performed. Ideally you'd implement this endpoint to invalidate the code after a few failures, so a timing attack would be impossible to carry out. Another possibility is they were merely comparing the submitted nonce to the nonce on file.

But it's a good idea to use one anyway, in case it turns out that you're wrong, or that other code is also broken somehow. If a nonce had never been generated for a user, the database may have contained an empty string.

karma who answer and 2 times more karma if someone tells me too how i add karma : DThe Dedicated server from steam tools cannot be run at the same time as an actual game on the same computer. You would have to have one computer run the server and then connect to it with another computer. Add karma by clicking on the |- button at the bottom of the post of the person you want to add karma.

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It was a Rails project, so when the application requested params[:recovery_code], it would get back nil, since Ruby gives nil when you request a key that doesn't exist in a hash.

So I recently dug up a couple games: "Fable: The Lost Chapters" and "Spore". I'm not sure if the keys had been used, but I tried registering them on Steam. Does anyone know any possible reasons Steam keys might not work?

And if they are unusable, should I manually download them via the disks?

I do not know if I am suppose to include dashes or spaces, but they keys are in the following format: made a small edit to make this more directed at all steam keys, rather then your particular case.

If you feel we have not answered for your games, let us know, but this would be a good question in regards to all instances of cd keys not working, too.