Son dambi dating

Pseudo : Dam Bi, Miss Son Taille : 1m69 Poids : 48 kilos Groupe sanguin : O Signe astrologique : Balance Ses trésors : Bible, i Pod Touch Hobbies : écouter de la musique, regarder des films Sport : natation, tennis, patinage Artistes favoris : Crystal Kay, Josh Hartnett, Kim Hee Ae Couleurs favorites : noir et blanc Nourriture favorite : soupe miso, hamburgers Son Dambi a commencé à jouer dans plusieurs clips dont celui de "Paran" et de MYV.Elle tourne un CF avec Poppin' Hyun Joon pour un mp3.I think they look fantastic together, chock full of chemistry and visually just a stunning pairing.But I do not ever want to see them act together, mostly because I think Son Dambi is a really bad actress (I watched all of and while it was mildly entertaining, overall it was just silly and boring.1 – Pied Piper 2 – Jackpot 3 – Lawyer Jo 4 – Mrs Cop 2 5 – Marriage Contract 6 – Monster 7 – Vampire Detective 8 – Memory 9 – Come Back Mister 10 – Descendants of the Sun 11 – Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi 12 – Goodbye Mr Black 🙂 Jackpot, Lawyer Jo & Monster has aired and personally I love this new mon-tue line up compared to the wed-thu.

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Actually….drama adaptation of) is still without a lead, and the movie version is currently available so he can always give that character another go. Until then, I can ogle him to my heart’s content in this pictorial.

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