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Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial and then storming the Centre Block on Parliament Hill.

Bibeau was shot dead by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers.

“Rob Ford today said, ‘I guess I picked a wrong week to quit smoking crack.’”Maher also stated erroneously that the Canadian government seized Bibeau’s passport in the days prior to his rampage.“Here’s what I don’t get about this. If a guy, a violent religious nut, says he wants to go to Syria…let him.

The attacker made known his wish to go join ISIS in Syria and the government took away his passport,” said Maher. ‘Here’s a plane ticket, your connection is in Liberia. If we’re going to start confiscating passports couldn’t we start with Bieber?

Maher is known for his sarcastic attitude, Maher supports the legalization of cannabis and same-sex marriage.

His critical views of religion were the basis for the 2008 documentary film Religulous.

More recently, the Canadian singer-songwriter has turned her hand to putting together dance-pop crossover hits, including a collaboration with Feed Me and Kill The Noise called Crazy Maybe released via Dead Mau5’s mau5trap label, and Supernatural, the anthem of 2016’s HARD Summer festival, quoted by Nest HQ as “played in just about every set”.

Rowan posted a photo of her family on Instagram, and said: My great grandfather (left), Armenian great aunt (middle) and grandfather (right).

is an American comedian, political commentator, and television host.

He is well known for the HBO political talk show Real Time with Bill Maher (2003–present) and the similar late-night show called Politically Incorrect, originally on Comedy Central and later on ABC.

"I Want the World to Know" is a rapturously ecstatic Motown-esque love song, which manages to channel not just Smokey Robinson's melodic gifts, but his wonderful wordplay as well.

She carelessly rhymes "cake's bakin'" with "richochetin'" and compares love to as asthma attack: "I try and tell you/but my tongue swells up/my tears well up/I think I'm allergic to you babe." You’d think that perfect pop of this craftsmanship would find its way to the charts.