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They chat to each other in a language inspired by morse code before their robot teacher settles them down and starts to take the register.

Once all robots are accounted for, the day’s lessons begin; the robots dutifully learn to count by drawing straight lines and tally marks in their notebooks.

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Unless you are a professional counsellor, a lawyer, or a government employee in a detention center, according to an online.

Some of the robots appear to take to their task with vigour while others work slower and seem apprehensive.

Tresset is interested in how we humanise robots; his work, he says, is more about human nature than technology.

In While the robot students’ actions are synchronised, each is unique in its movements.

Tresset has programmed the robots to express different behavioural traits, like nervousness or shyness.

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Back on Halloween, I blogged about the next-gen sex robots from Real Dolls which are about to hit the market for around ,000 a pop and promise to be the most realistic sex with a robot ever.

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