My friend is dating the guy i like who is niecy nash dating

Now I always see them together at school and it’s super awkward.

I really want him to find out how much she flirts with other guys and break up with her, but I know wanting revenge isn’t good. I have already talked to her and told her that she wasn’t being a good friend, but she was just rude to me. Hey girl, thanks for entrusting me with your question.

Now he's dating this girl, she's posting obnoxious "I love you" mush on his facebook wall, and I can't stop kicking myself. One of two things is going to happen if you call up your friend and confess your love: Guess which one, if I were a betting man, I would place my money on?

It's time you became aware of a notion familiar to many of us: duper's remorse. Doesn't mean you won't ever have another chance with the guy (see ), but it does mean that anything you do to make him like you now, or sabotage his new relationship, will probably backfire.

I had a big party, he texted to say he'd be late, no big deal...until his sister told me he was on a date so he probably wouldn't be there. Be honest, if you weren't back in your sleepy town, and were somewhere with more options, would this guy being with another girl really stress you so much?

I called him the next day, we fought; I didn't hear from him for 3 weeks. Let me put it another way: is this really your dream guy, or the guy who you happen to be stranded on the desert island with?

” Spira agrees that if you and your friend can’t decide, allow the guy to make the choice.It irritates me because she is only a freshmen and she has already said she likes or has wanted to date nine guys just this school year (seriously, I counted), and she always flirts with different guys.And now she has started to date the guy I liked, and it’s embarrassing because everybody knows I liked him.I was sad, but I forgave her because I thought it wasn’t her fault and she said she was sorry.But then a few days later, I found out that she’s dating him, and then she would talk about him in front of me.