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The food served Soviet-era have hotels and restaurants had a deserved bad reputation, but since the break up of the Soviet Union the food situation has improved a lot as new restaurants have opened up and their owners realized that serving good food is good business.

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I think it's a quite healthier eating habit because I prefer fruits and juice. Mainly the breakfast is my favourite part of the day. I prefer to sandwiches or cornflakes with milk, fresh bread roll with butter and ham. For dinner I usually have steak or sea food with some salad.

With lattice opened wide I stand To watch their eager flight; With broken jesses in my hand I muse on their delight. if one with sullied plume Should droop in mid career, My love makes signals,--"There is room, O bleeding wanderer, here."This comparison of the educator to a falconer, and of the students to young hawks eager to break their jesses seems to an Englishman particularly happy in reference to Eton, from which so many youths pass into the ranks of the army and navy.

The line about bowing, smirking and glozing, refers to the comparative insincerity of the higher society into which so many of the scholars must eventually pass.

People that had regular access to fresh vegetables often grew them themselves or got them from a friend or relative with a garden.

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