Is trace cyrus still dating hannah beth

Evan Peters and Emma Roberts are breaking up, but always seem to get back together.

And who the heck knows what goes on between Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus, but last we heard they were very much together. While many Disney Channel stars can overcome a split, even after calling off a wedding, others simply cannot.

Although a nightmare for parents wondering what the hell happened to their children, and a current nightmare for young adults looking back on old pictures of themselves, nearly half a decade later, many scene queen idols have yet to become obsolete.

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Trace: It was definitely a shock for us, we never expected it, but the road takes a toll on your mind and your body. We all lose our minds at some point on the road, and I think he finally lost his; he needed to go home to clear his head.He wrote the song "Dear Hannah" about her after allegations of her cheating. Merjos dated Martin Johnson, the lead singer of Boys Like Girls, in 2008. Merjos dated Deryck Whibley, the lead singer of Sum 41, from 2009 - 2010 almost immediately after his divorce from Avril Lavigne. The engagement was called off in March 2015, directly after which Zylka went on a nasty social media rampage accusing and degrading Merjos. Merjos is also known to be friends with Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Nick Simmons, and Jeffree Star. Tweet In November of 2015, House of DVF gave voice to the thousands of silenced fans whom Hanna Beth has blocked, ignored and lied to when it posed the question on everyone’s mind: “Are your lips real? So of coarse she would be heart broken, shes entitled to that….