Dating overly sensitive men

So, why are some men sensitive, while others are not? It’s not the fault of insensitive men that they aren’t comfortable showing their sensitive side — it just means that no one previously taught them how to be sensitive.

Think a sensitive man is sensitive because he was born that way? Sensitive men are sensitive because they were taught by parents or authority figures to understand and value their own feelings, as well as the feelings of others.

There's a difference between "Can I see you tonight? "We think about things because we feel something about them." We struggle with conflict.

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Men who aren’t sensitive can be extremely difficult to have a relationship with because they overlook the need to modulate their feelings and express them to their partners in a way that isn’t attacking or alienating.

There is perhaps nobody who experiences love quite like a sensitive person. Elaine Aron has been the lead researcher of what she calls highly-sensitive people, or HSPs, a grouping of men and women who make up about 15-20 percent of the population.

Major traits of HSPs include highly-emotional reactivity, high empathy, sensitivity to subtleness and an overall unique depth of sensory processing.

HSPs respond more productively to positive experiences rather than negative ones, Aron said.

That means we're more likely to reach a solution through a more supportive interaction than an aggressive one. Phrases like "you take things too personally" can feel like a significant dig.