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Popularity of the ware peaked in the late 1890s when about 370 artists were employed at Lambeth, however with the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 and changing social tastes, the demand for the intricately ornamented stoneware declined and by 1914 less than 100 artists were still employed.The nearby Lambeth School of Art became associated with the Doulton business from about the same time and Henry Doulton joined the Board of the School in 1863.

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An example of this exception is demonstrated with the image opposite - the title of this book is - note that this title does not appear in the list and therefore could be presumed to be a first edition - BUT it's not!This is actually a fifth edition from 1947 as this is stated on the front flyleaf.In 1961 the logo was changed to the closed-winged Ladybird, which can be seen on the right.Royal Doulton Figurines - Pretty Ladies, Petite Ladies, The Dance Collection, Flower of the Month, Moments in Time, From the Heart.Bunnykins Figurines For Australian & New Zealand customer enquiries please call 1300 852 022 or email us at [email protected] Doulton figures are crafted in exquisite fine bone china ,with each being beautifully handmade and hand decorated demonstrating excellent craftsmanship and artistry.