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The Bene Israel (“Children of Israel”) from Bombay claim to be descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Isolated from the rest of World Jewry for two millennia, the Bene Israel had neither the Hebrew Bible nor the Talmud, but they retained the practice of circumcision, observed the Saturday Sabbath, confessed the Shema or confession of the Hebrew faith, (partially) observed kosher laws and maintained the distinguishing Israelite practice of wearing the side-locks of hair in front of the ears (Lev. The “Black Jews” of Cochin on the Malabar coast in the southwestern part of India also trace their origins back to ancient Palestine.

According to their recollection, the Bene Israel’s ancestors were part of the population of the northern kingdom of Israel who were not deported or killed when the Assyrian monarchs destroyed the kingdom in the 8th century B. Their ancestors arrived from Jerusalem soon after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A. The White Jews have denied the “Black Jews” whom they met already in India this authentic Israelite heritage.

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