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Learn more The Dakar Sea Plaza houses 3 on-site dining options and 1 bar for your enjoyment.

Experience the remarkable L’Avenue Restaurant, where chefs are inspired to transform Senegal’s rich history of African, Dutch, and French influences into a unique Mediterranean cuisine.

After koranic, followed by primary and secondary French-school studies in Senegal, Cheikh Anta DIOP will be endowed with a double higher training in Human Sciences and in Natural Sciences in Paris, France.

He published in 1954 (Editions Presence Africaine), a work of world-wide interest, Nations nègres et cultures, which gave a strong scientific foundation to the field of African humanities.

Dakar, the capital since independence in 1960, lies on the Cap Vert peninsula, the most westerly point in Africa.

Before independence, Dakar was the capital of French West Africa (AOF, or l'Afrique Occidentale Francçaise ), which included nine French-speaking West African states. The spread of education and increased economic opportunity have modified a traditional social structure based on kinship, but the majority of the people adhere to the traditional values of Kersa (respect for others) and Tegin (good manners).

In January 1960, he defended a thesis at the University of Sorbonne on Historical Sociology, a work published in two books by Éditions Présence Africaine: L’Afrique noire précoloniale and L’unité culturelle de l’Afrique noire.

If you’re in Dakar on business, the hotel’s 12 stylish meeting rooms and refined ballroom are perfect for planning a productive conference or elaborate gala.

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A poetic etymology from the Wolof people states that the name derives from the local term Sunugal, meaning "our dugout canoe" (everyone is in the same boat).

The Republic of Senegal became independent in 1960 after three centuries of French colonial rule.